From fixing a flat tire to a complete rebuild, we've got you covered! Our Damn Good mechanics will not only bring the best out of your bike, but will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Express Tune $40 We check over the entire bike. We make sure everything that should be tight is tight, make sure the brakes are properly adjusted, and make sure your bike shifts gears as it should. We make sure your drivetrain is lubricated and your tires are inflated. We let you know of any issues we've found which we believe you should address.
Full Tune $40 In addition to what the Express Tune includes, we make sure that all your bearings are properly lubricated and greased as necessary. We also replace any cable runs as needed.
Wheel True $10 Price is per wheel. We make sure your wheel is without wobble and properly round.
Recable $15 Price is per cable run. We replace brake or shifter cables, housing if necessary, and make sure the brake or derailleur is properly adjusted.
Rewrap Handlebars $25 Price does not include handlebar wrap.
Box Build $50 Bought a bike onliine? Bring it to us in the box and we'll make sure it's put together properly so that you can have the best experience possible from your new bike.
Tube/Tire Change $5 Price is per wheel. Tire rotation counts as two wheels.
À La Carte
First Half Hour $20
Each Additional Half Hour $15
Rush Charge $30
Turnaround time two business days